Diversi.T.O presents two more open performances:

Tuesday 15 October

Café Kreuzberg [Neustiftgasse 103]



This play discusses the situation of a medicine student who is expecting a promotion in her career. But her thoughts which are not welcomed by authorities prevent her to achieve her goals. That leads her to an unavoidable end in the hegemonic traps. The development of the play was influenced by Gezi protests in Turkey.. This play was constructed based on a true story using techniques from Newspaper Theatre.

Performers: Metin Can Ayduran, Esra Kasal, Zeynep Özaydin, Ibrahim Akyürek

>> 21:00


”The attraction between the two genders is generated by the body difference. Females, smaller and finer are attracted by strong and powerful male bodies, which represent power, foundation and perseverance. There may also be, that women find man attractive, because they are representing the other gender and are so provocatively different. Males, on the other hand, are attracted by innocence, grace and smallness.”

KUD Transformator is tackling such stereotypes and old fashioned mindsets by giving insight to the oppressing nature of family life and the pressure being put on women: Mother and father are trying their best to get her daughter, Lady Lara, married to the suitor Matej. The performance is getting more and more tense as Lady Lara is about to get auc-tioned…

Performers: Barbara Polajnar, Primoz Casl, Matej Zalig, Lucija Klun, Metka Bahlen


 rollstuhlmegaphon2VALID is a campain organised by Theatre of the Oppressed – Vienna and DanceAbility Austria
concerned with “Arts in Public Space – barrierfree accessibility – sensitive language”.

The cause of this campaign is the so-called “Invalid Street” in the third district in Vienna.
If language creates reality and reality creates language, then a critical exploration of concepts like “valid” or “valuable” means asking the
question of which kind of valency disabled people get in our society.
Do we really want a street which marginalizes disabled people and yet, puts them in a negative centre at the same time?
Does this kind of language really reflect our current reality?
Do we want to reproduce upon this reality instead of building a new one?

Street Action:
Thursday, 17 October 2013
16:00 Robert-Coch-Platz

More information on: http://invalidstreet.wordpress.com/


hände madalena

Only one month away from our exciting project week [12 – 20 October], we are still looking for participants from Vienna  who want to join our international meeting and explore with us the diversity in Theatre of the Oppressed!

You are working with TO methods?
You want to exchange your TO-experiences with interesting practitioners from 7 countries?
You want to discuss and explore the diversity in TO?
You are available from 12th to 20th of October?
You are based in Vienna?

Then get in touch with us as soon as possible because we are still looking for YOU to join our project!


to tree

>> is a platform for youth workers and theatre practitioners to share their knowledge and experience in applying TO

>> has the objective of tackling questions of possibilities, limitations and developments in applying TO in different contexts and professional fields

>> aims to increase the visibility of TO methods as well as to stimulate the dialogue about developments in the field

In October 2013, there will be an initial project week in Vienna with participants from Austria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.